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Our Professional Development offerings help educators infuse Apple technology into their instructional practices and curricula in a way that makes the technology transparent and the learning adventurous and delightful. We offer high-quality, hands-on workshops and resources, designed by Apple.


All Apple Professional Development Specialists are current or former educators, which gives them a personal understanding of learning and teaching with technology. Because they know what’s important in the curriculum, they can ensure that you learn about your Apple products and how they can best serve you and your students. We offer workshops in the following categories:



These offerings assist education leaders in visioning and planning for transforming learning and teaching with technology.


Focused on technology skills, these foundational workshops help faculty become confident and comfortable using Apple products and integrating them into their teaching strategies.



These workshops focus on curricula, content design, and instruction with Apple products.


These offerings build capacity and provide special levels of instructional support.


Higher Education

Designed to meet the schedules and needs of higher education faculty, Drop-In Sessions are concise, two-hour sessions focused on helping participants acquire and apply skills in the use of iPad or Mac for personal productivity and instruction.


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